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Staged Dining Room
Jennifer Moore, Birch+Co Home Staging & Redesign, Burlington, Ontario
Home Staging - Birch + Co Home Staging
Home Staging - Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton Ontario

It's worth it!

Over the last few years, staging became a must have for sellers, realtors, investors and builders. Why?

Staging shows buyers the property’s true potential. 

Did you know.....

  • 90% of buyers view properties on MLS before going out to look at them. Professionally staged listings look better on MLS, as well as in print. Staged properties with beautiful photographs will be viewed first!

  • Only 10% of all purchasers can actually visualize what the space in your home could be or should be.

  • Staged homes sell 85% faster than non-staged properties. Professionally staged homes present and show better than competing houses for sale.

  • Statistics have proven that staging your home prior to putting it on the market is in the sellers’ best interests. On average staged homes sell for 5%-20% more than non-staged homes.

  • Statistics also show that in today’s busy lifestyle, 63% of home buyers will pay more money for a home that is in move-in ready condition.

  • The average return on a staging investment is 390%.

  • 95% of house buyers buy on emotion, as such, home staging can offer valuable insights on what it will take to make a prospective buyer fall in love with your home.


These proven statistics provide a compelling reason to have your home staged and prepared for the market!

Staging isn’t simply about filling a room with furniture.

It’s about knowing what sells and having the creativity and experience to bring it to life.

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